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      The highest detection sensitivity: A coin is about 70-80mm.(metal materials and size as well as dimension determine the detection sensitivity)
      IC, pin and so on can through the test.
      High detection sensitivity means that under the stable condition, this kind of product has higher detection sensitivity, over 30% higher than the same products in the market.
      Materials: Engineering plastics
      Size of the probe: Diameter is 140mm
      Total length: Nearly 400mm
      Types of alarm: Light and sound work at the same time
      Continuous working period: Alkaline batteries can work for 40 hours. Rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride batteries can work for 14 hours.
      In good working order: Transience warning noise can be heard when you turn on the product
      Under voltage: Continuous warning noise can be heard when you turn on the product
      Voltage: One 9V folding battery or direct plug-in charging
      Working current: Less than 8 milliampere.
      Producing area: Shenzhen
      Weight: 230g (exclude battery)





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